Still in Bloom – Why I Decided to Continue Roses & Thorns

If you’ve been keeping up with this blog, my work on Wattpad, or my work on Radish, you probably know that I decided to continue the first book in the Fairytale Series, Once Upon a One Night Stand.

As of today, there are over two-hundred (yes, I said 200) new chapters of OUAONS. Wild, right? When I said I wanted to fill in all the blanks of the Fairytale Series timeline, I meant all the blanks. There is no stone left unturned!

When I finished Roses & Thorns last year, I felt like the story and the series could be wrapped up there. And to be honest, it can absolutely stand just as it is. But there was that nagging feeling that there was still so much more I could do with Rose and Khalid. Plus, there were a few loose ends that would have been cool to explore.

So when Radish once again came to me and asked if I was interested in continuing Roses & Thorns, my reaction was an automatic absolutely.

So let me tell you a little more about what’s happening…


Unlike with OUAONS, I didn’t really have to go back in time with this one. I only finished writing R&T back in July 2019, so it wasn’t a huge deal to pick the story up again; it was still pretty fresh in my mind, thankfully. But just like OUAONS, these new chapters are a direct continuation of where I left off in the story.

That said, you can absolutely read the first 36 chapters as a complete book. If you like endings that leave the main couple off on a happy, relatively open-ended note, that’s a perfect stopping point. You can imagine whatever you want for them after that point! But if you want to know what I think happens, feel free to keep reading on.

Since this is the latest book in the series, I’m not bound by a timeline that I have to stick to after the last chapter. That means this story can go on for as long as there’s a story to tell. So expect to see plenty of it!


Since Radish commissioned this continuation, these new chapters are exclusive to the platform. The original, complete story is on Wattpad, but the new chapters won’t be.

You can download the app from the App Store, the Google Play Store, or you can use this link to download it.

For most of the chapters, they’re under the “wait-to-unlock” pricing tier. This means you can read a chapter for free, then wait 1 hour to read the next one for free. Or, if you’d like to read the next chapter sooner than that, you can purchase it using coins. If you go to the “Gift Box” section in the app, you can watch ads to win up to 6 coins a day, so don’t worry if you can’t afford to buy a coin package. Coupons are also often given away for the story. (Coupons are story specific and can be used to unlock more chapters of that particular story. Coins can be used on any story to unlock chapters.)

fairytale series banner


How many chapters will there be?

Just like with OUAONS there will be a lot of new chapters. I once again can’t give you an exact answer, but it will be going on for quite a while! Just consider it infinite.

Will the other Fairytale Series characters show up in the story?

A few, yes! Laleh and Zayn will definitely show up, along with other characters from Arabian Nights. However, if you’re looking for Sebastian and Taliana, you won’t be finding them here due to timeline restrictions.

How often are updates?

Three times a week on Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays!

Hopefully this clarifies a few things about Roses & Thorns and the Fairytale Series as a whole! A massive thank you to everyone keeping up with the new chapters. And to those of you just now discovering them, I hope you enjoy!

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One thought on “Still in Bloom – Why I Decided to Continue Roses & Thorns

  1. this is so exciting!! absolutely loved roses & thorns and am so excited to read the continuation ❤ it’s a good thing i splurged on coins the other week. still haven’t gotten around to start reading the OUAONS continuation yet either but the more the better 🙂

    on another note, so happy that you’ve gotten the opportunity to have your stories on a platform where you can make some profit off of them! (i’m not entirely sure how radish works but i guess there’s something good in it for you?)


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