The Return of All That is Gold

Back in January 2020, I removed one of my most popular stories from Wattpad. That story was called All That is Gold. I wrote a post about why I was removing it, but the gist of it was this: it no longer made me happy to have it posted online. So I took it down.

I’ve gotten hundreds of messages asking me why I took it down and if it would ever come back. For the longest time, I directed people to that post where I said I wasn’t sure if it would ever be back. And for a year, I really wasn’t sure if it would ever return to the internet. I didn’t want to open the document. I didn’t want to go back to that world. For an entire year, I wanted nothing to do with that story or those characters. It had all been tainted for me.

And then, one day, I realized I was ready to go back to it. The bad taste had finally left my mouth and I was ready to tackle that project again. I missed the story and those characters—a lot.

So here we are: All That is Gold will be coming to Radish on May 1st, 2021! Keep reading for all the details about its return!

All That is Gold – Summary

One wrong move and you could lose it all…

At the elite Dupont Prep, popularity means everything. When Quinn Barton’s spot on the A-List is threatened, she resolves to claw her way back to the top. And that means going along with a revenge plot orchestrated by the former queen bee against the school’s king, Carter Dupont.

But catching Carter’s attention isn’t exactly a dream come true. Neither is trying to resist the advances of his right-hand man, Maddox Wellington.

From the outside, the throne of Dupont Prep looks gilded. But with the crown on her head, Quinn soon discovers there’s so much more underneath its glittering exterior than meets the eye.

And those hidden truths could mean her downfall.

All That is Gold will be available exclusively on the Radish Fiction app, with Season 1 launching on May 1st, 2021. It is a rewritten version of the draft previously available on Wattpad. The story will not return to Wattpad in full – only a few chapters will be available there as a sample.


What will the pricing tier be?

Season 1 will be Premium until the launch of Season 2, when the story will shift to the Wait-to-Unlock tier. This means that other than the first few episodes of the story, each episode will be “locked” and will require coins to “unlock” and read. You can acquire coins by purchasing them or by watching ads available in the Gift Box tab on the app.

When will there be updates?

The story will launch with 10 episodes on Sunday, May 1. The remaining episodes in Season 1 will be posted twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays. There will be a break in updates between the end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2. I will announce the launch date of Season 2 once Season 1 is finished. 

Will the story differ from the version that was previously on Wattpad?

Yes and no. The story has been edited/rewritten. Some of the main plot lines will remain while others have changed. The same goes for particular details about the characters, their backgrounds, and their relationships to/with one another. However, the story’s original satirical essence will remain.

If you previously read the Wattpad version, I ask that you do not post spoilers in your comments or in the Radish Live chats. Even if those particular events don’t happen in this version, please do not run the risk of ruining the experience for new readers who deserve to enjoy the story spoiler-free, just like you did once. 

How many seasons will it be?

When the story was posted on Wattpad, I included all three “books” under the title of All That is Gold. It will be similar on Radish, where each “book” will be its own season under the umbrella of All That is Gold. For now, I have plans for 4 seasons, but that could change as time goes on. It all depends on reader response to the story, what ideas I have for it, and the time I have available to dedicate to writing it. Who knows what could happen!

Will it have the same ending as the original draft?

It will not!

I’m very excited to bring back a story that I know has a special place in a lot of hearts, including mine. If you’re a return reader, I hope you’ll check out this new version. And if you’re a new reader, welcome to a world of trashy, rich, privileged teens. We have a lot of fun here.

I hope you’ll enjoy!

Any other questions? Drop them in the comments!

5 thoughts on “The Return of All That is Gold

  1. Will you also be posting your rewrite of All that is Gold, the one that includes the fire in the beginning?


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